Rejuvination looks like this

I recently finalized my submission for  Adoption Mosaic’s new magazine The Adoption Constellation (more on how you can get your hands on this remarkable project coming to fruition soon) which I hope to be writing for on a regular basis.  All of this is very exiting.  I had to edit the piece while out of town at a family reunion. Having five loving and capable adults, not to mention a handful of doting older and younger cousins made this an easier prospect than I imagined as far as free time is considered.

Tara Kim, who is the editor, insisted that I not bother myself about getting the  color head shot for the column to her until I got home. (I had sent her a black and white.) But since I can’t imagine keeping Tara waiting for anything (she is my right arm on the workshop organizing, as well as being one of my overall heroes) I wanted to get right on it.

I stole away with the camera on the computer, and snapped away. The albeit posed result struck me for several reasons. A) I look rested. B) I have aged, and don’t mind the fact of that. C) I never see pictures of myself in the summer, as I am often, like many parents,  focused on taking photos of the kids. D) As much as I love taking pictures of others, I usually loathe the outcome when the lens is turned this way. For this occasion, I did not.

Blog writing feels so public and private all at once. Putting my own face out there like this feels bold and somewhat presumptuous. Who wants to see me? At least shrink them down to thumbnail size…


  1. I loved the photos! Especially the one of you gazing into the distance, that’s the one I chose to use (readers who are curious will have to read a copy of The Adoption Constellation to see that particular photo!!)
    And thanks for your kind words, you give me far far too much credit

  2. Look at that BEAUTIFUL smile and ultra chic haircut!! “I” am happy to see you, and happy to read your expressions, and happy to be privy to your calm after the storm.

  3. Thank you Mamas for all the praise and sweet affirmations! (BTW that ‘fashionable’ hair cut is a result of my own chopin’ here and there. Of course you can’t see the back 🙂

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