Transracial /Adoption Workshop Maine October 22nd & 23rd 2010-LAST CALL




Spaces are limited! For those of you who were waiting until the last minute. That minute is here! To make my life less zooey–registrations are not accepted past Wednesday, unless I figure out how to change that 🙂 So ACT NOW!!! There is great energy and excitement brewing about this, don’t miss out on the event of the year in our adoption community!

Prices are $125  for the full day on Saturday, and $45.00 for the evening program on Friday. If you can’t swing that, write to me at and tell me what you can do, and you can send/bring me a check–BUT PLEASE HAVE THAT CONVERSATION with me prior to Thursday. There are still spaces available. The transracial workshop is filling nicely, with about 35/50 spots spoken for at this time. The adoption issues in school is about 1/2 full, which will make for a great night too. Did I mention the free ice cream?

CEU’s are not available, but certificate of attendance will be available.

The two day workshop includes

Friday, October 22nd, 2010 (5:30-8:30) on Friday, October 22nd, 2010. A three hour Adoption Issues in the Schools evening workshop (bring a bag dinner, beverages and snacks provided) at the Rhines Auditorium of the Portland Public Library.

The school environment can present special challenges for children whose  families were formed by adoption. It is important for teachers and families to  be aware of issues that may arise. Topics will include: Family diversity, adoption language, answering questions about adoption from curious children,  and potentially difficult assignments for adopted children.

To register directly for the Adoption and School Issues  Workshop please click here


And an all day workshop created to support transracial adoptive parents and parenting, from 10-4 (with break and you bring your lunch) on the Saturday at the same location!

Transracial Parenting Workshop  Saturday All Day 10/23/10 – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm with breaks
The decision to adopt across cultural and racial lines is a lifelong commitment to exploring matters of race, confronting racism in all its forms and constantly developing new skills and awareness.  All-day workshop will
help you to identify assumptions, provide you with tools and resources, and create a sense of confidence as you explore your future as a transracial family.  This workshop is appropriate for adoptive parents, waiting
parents, and professionals. Bring your Bag lunch* coffee and snacks provided

To register directly for the all day Transracial Parenting Workshop please click here

Look at the flyer attached for more information, or go directly to MAFC’s new site which houses the registration page here:

For More Information
contact Catherine Anderson



  1. Though I live almost on the other side of the continent from Portland, ME I am very seriously considering attending this workshop! When I read the itinerary for the conference I almost fell out of my chair in excitement 🙂

    Best wishes to you, the boys and this conference!

  2. Astrid,
    Hats off to you. I too was transcaracially abducted from Colombia, and now work as an organizer for cultural protections IE forwarding socioeconomic policies that support a birth mothers capacity to raise their own child, as in the Indian Child Welfare Act. So our bodies dont continue to be trafficked to the affluent, or farmed away from our native tongue, land, and more importantly our native ways. Dear sister, I trust you know this story personally and will not let these buyers leave naively thinking they are “helping” anyone but themselves. I pray.

    Much Love to you sister from San Fran.
    Zea Leguizamon-Grant,
    Ujima Creations Consulting

    • Hello Zea,

      From the sounds of things you and I are similar in that we are very passionate about the work we do…perhaps the Colombian in both of us 🙂

      I also see that we differ in the way that we think about adoption. The work I do is about getting people (adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents and others involved in adoption) to safely talk and learn about others people’s experiences through dialogue…this is definitely not a conversation for everyone. I believe we have all arrived from very different experiences and until we are able to be open to hear different points of view (including yours) i am not sure we are going to get very far in educating others. So, on that note, thank you for your comment.

      I wish you the best,

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