Double dared

Suze told Sam that when she was a girl she used to plunge her face through an entire circle of watermelon with her sisters.

Suze has two school age kids, and she still decided to share this infinite wisdom?

Sam was thrilled at the very thought of this; thrusting himself through a plane of fleshy fruit on a hot afternoon.

He’s been bugging me to try it ever since.

Today, I said yes.

His brother slammed the same little piece of watermelon against his face until Sam was ready to try.

Needless to say it was bath and hair night tonight.

Marcel and Sam say yes all day. Yes to jumping in the pool with a new coach for swimming lessons, and to playing at the playground with a new friend.  Yes to trying a new taste at dinner, and to really listening to his brother when he says OWWW and getting off of him immediately. Yes to reestablishing relationship with the grandmother you might not remember from last time when you were only just two. Yes to holding her hand, and taking her for a walk around the block. Yes to mommy’s request for you to be gentle with her, because she still isn’t all better from her summer flu. Yes to holding your brother’s hand to cross the street, even though you’d rather hold one end of the baseball bat, and he could hold the other. Yes to sleeping in your own bed tonight, and believing that it’ll be alright.

So, one little watermelon plunge on the sidewalk didn’t seem like too much to oblige, all things considered.


  1. I will never look at a watermelon the same way again.
    I just bought a whole, seedless one the other day, but I have already cut it in half to fit in the fridge, so there will be no face smashing here. Tempting prospect, though.

  2. And, the coolest mom ever award goes to… My children will one day pen a great novel about the things I didn’t let them do. Hangs head in shame, but only for a moment, ’cause Sam and Marcel are too cute-gotta keep looking at them!

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