Friday Full Frame

World's greasiest pizza- after the amusement park-on the trunk of the car with your brother


Summer full.

Full of swimming, soccer, gardens, bugs, frogs, friends, sand in our shoes, ice cream.

Full of sun.

Full of finding each others newness in the fabric of this family again.

Full of goodbyes. Two of the families we hold nearest to our heart, are taking flight to unknown (to them and to us) lands in Columbus, Ohio and Lesotho in Africa.  These losses feel like deaths. I trust that they will transform into shared journeys, and opportunities for shifts.  But today, they reach back so far to a little pre Mama C me who can not bear to be left, again. She rages in a puddle full of tears. I want to hold her, and let her go. More good grief I suppose. Celebrating our friends’ brave departures, and leaps of faith to their new. Grieving that it is not me who is leaping too. Grieving that somehow what we have and offer is not enough to keep them here.

Joyous that what they seek, is something possible, and bigger than we imagine here.

Full of summer.

Making room for more.

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