You are so brave-Noh Seok Mee and more

You are so brave (sculpture): Noh Seok Mee

Last night at the First Friday art walk, I came across this installation in the window of the Space Gallery, in Portland, Maine. I could have stared at it for much longer, but my art walking companion had to be on his way.  I copied down the artist’s name, and knew that I’d be back. Here is a link to the exhibit, and here is a link to Mee’s website.

This piece is helping me to maintain a steady and unwavering voice on a subject dear to my heart. My stance is making me, and others uncomfortable. My position is one that I take because my kids are too young to say it for themselves. This piece, and the world that Mee creates and allows me to inhabit in each of these little stuffed, painted and sewn bodies invigorates me. Being white is a privilege that is more and more uncomfortable for me to understand. If I can’t be uncomfortable with it, I will stop growing. It shouldn’t require bravery to be uncomfortable. But, it does sometimes.

Speaking of brave-Dawn Friedman’s piece in Brain, Child this month called; The Myth of the Forever Family is a blow open the doors look at trauma, RAD, and what happens when parents are not prepared and/or supported in adoptions where the children are coming to the families with these and other high need demands.

Speaking of brave-I am still putting myself out there in the dating arena. I told a date last night that I “did not write about my dates on the blog” when he asked if I would mention something he shared with me here. I might write a woman show one day called; Fifty Reasons to Stay Single, unless I discover I am wrong one day?

Speaking of brave-Sammy casting his line in the pond yesterday with the big kids, or jumping off that raft in the lake. Marcel putting one foot in front of the other, and letting his entire body get wet.

What brave thing are you working at? Tell your Mama C, so we can celebrate you too!


  1. Why “unless” you decide that you’re wrong one day? Maybe you’ll write that one-woman play Fifty Reasons to Stay Single, or perform it, when you aren’t anymore, maybe when you find a guy who doesn’t mind if you mention something from the days you were just getting to know him. What a great concept, and I look forward to hearing the stories when you’re ready and free to share them.

  2. Congrats on all of that bravery, and that is a lovely piece of art. I can see why it invigorates you! Glad to read that you are still in the dating game, hope you are having fun! Bravery… hmm… well, I guess I am being brave in my entrepreneurial efforts. I have been putting in a lot of work which hasn’t required much bravery, but reaching out has. That’s something that I don’t do often. I am more of a wait-in-the-cuts-for-folks-to-come-to-me kind of girl, but this week I have branched out and benefited from my efforts. I am also showcasing some bravery as I deal with some family illnesses. Yay for bravery!

  3. Oh, Mama C, thank you for discovering this artist – can’t wait to go to the gallery and see the piece!

    Brave practice these days:

    1. Deciding, and proclaiming, that our daughter’s wedding is the chance for us to show, and shine as, exactly who we are, with pride, joy and love, and *no apologies.* This comes up particularly around money, but there are lots of other issues that get raised when you gather a large group of extended family and friends together – what an opportunity!

    2. Turning 58 next Saturday, I’m looking ahead to my 60s, which I want to be a decade of being and expressing my whole, authentic, large, wild self, taking up all the space I need.
    In preparation, I’m tackling two patterns that seem to get in my way:
    – constantly giving away my authority to others in the form of needing to please and seeking permission to go farther/be wilder/take more risks.
    – seeking to control my feelings and the world around me (say, my spouse?) by trying to *fix* whatever stirs discomfort rather than simply being with it, as it is. As Rilke says in my favorite quote, “we must always … trust in the difficult.”

    3. Continuing to CLEAR OUT, literally the stuff, especially stacks of papers, and metaphorically, anything I don’t need any more, such as the patterns above. I’ve gotten through all my To Be Filed boxes in the house (yay!); now it’s on to the studio (yikes!).

    These things all take courage because they all involve confronting lifelong patterns, taking me outside of my comfort zone, triggering old fears as I break personal, unconscious taboos that I originally put in place to keep myself what felt like safe.

    Happy Independence Day!


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