A blueberry jelly Sunday kind of love

Marcel up on waking: I love you blueberry jelly.

Me: (smile)

Marcel: Wasn’t that sweet of me to say Mommy?

Me: (laughing)

Marcel: I am sweet like you are blueberries and Sam is asleep which is awesome too because my tummy is hungry and I need to eat right now before you hug and penguin blueberry jelly him too. OK Mom?

Me: I love you.

Marcel: You are incredible and beautiful Mom. Isn’t that awesome that I just said that?

Me: (smiling)

Marcel: Why are you still in bed mom? I need breakfast in my penguin tummy lion roars so hungry five minutes ago!


I was actually up at 4:30 writing two heavy duty posts (one for Moms of Hue that will appear tomorrow, and one for here, that will appear the same day).  But then Marcel stirred, called me into cuddle, and wrote today’s post.

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