A few words from Wednesday (Wedding Photos 2)

Eddie and the fam at the wedding

#1 and #2 after handing off the rings successfully

The family portrait above, is also my laptop screen saver. I love how much it reveals about all of us, at that instant. Eddie is our Eddie. Our rock star. (See her website on my blog roll, Which Printer.) She initially came into our lives as a live in nanny before #2 came onto the scene. Eighteen months later, when she moved into her own pad up the street, our relationship was more like a sister-daughter-mother-friend interchangeably. She was my date, my support, and a member of our family at the wedding.

As old comers to Mama C and the Boys know, her family is our extended family now, and I can’t imagine a significant life event in all of our futures that we won’t all attend. It’s not often enough that someone so important to strengthening the fabric of our lives happens. That Eddie is from another generation makes it an even greater anomaly as far as my life path and friendships go. I used to work for a very wise man who said that it was his friendships with people of all ages that kept him vibrant and young. He was still working and 79 when he said that.

Louise just sent me this one. She thought it added a little something to the conversation. Brilliant!

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