He earned it. His first trip to the skateboard park if he got ten stickers on the chart. One sticker every time he stayed in his bed the entire night, and did not wake me up with a request to sleep on my floor, or in my bed. (There are exceptions, when he’s really sick, or super sad, but it had become habitual and the boy SNORES on top of it all.) He sauntered right up there, and join the ranks of the foul mouthed, cigarette smoking, school trashing, skinny legged boys and their adoring lady friends on the side lines. No, these are not generalizations, these are observations. They were also really helpful, and encouraging of the newest member of the ranks. And, by the way he grew over a centimeter this weekend. I measured him Friday, and when he woke up Monday he was taller. We checked. He was. Blink baby blink. What threshold is next?


  1. He is going to LOVE that picture when he gets older! You are such a cool mom. Isaiah likes to pretend skateboard with a shoebox around the house and I freak out.

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