Snow plow & slow beans (Imagery by Marcel)

One of my greatest joys is laying in bed and having first thoughts in my head conversations with the boys. Well, OK Sam no longer talks until he has been awake for about half an hour. Marcel is more like me, wired for sound within fifteen seconds from rise and shine.

Marcel creeps in my bed when I am asleep and finds a corner of the bed, like a cat most nights. If I wake up I’ll return him to his room. But if not, I have a sweet surprise when the alarm wakes us both.  This morning’s exchange:

Me: What are you thinking about?

Marcel: Snow clouds.

Me: Snow clouds?

Marcel: and snow plows that go so fast.

Me: Uh-huh.

Marcel: Do you think they go so fast?

Me: Sometimes.

Marecel: Not beans.

Me: Beans?

Marcel: Beans don’t go fast silly. Because flowers go slow.

Me: I love you Marcel.

Marcel: I’ll give you a big hug now Mommy, and it will be like a flower and not a snow plow.


And speaking of the things people say, please check out my guest blog post on Mixed and Happy this week that invites readers to share their Grocery Store UnConfidential tales from the aisles of the absurd! I love writing for Mixed and Happy.  They have the most upbeat and loving group of people on staff, and on board! It is a pleasure to be involved in their message.


  1. I have a morning routine of waking up by reading my Google reader queue and this post was #1 for me today. Thanks to you and Marcel I am waking up in a pleasant mood. Your little exchange is just too sweet.

    Mixed and Happy is so lucky to have connected with YOU! We are growing and reaching more people thanks to you and our other fabulous contributors. It’s a very exciting time for us and we hope you will continue to join us for the ride!

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