Asteroid Mama

I feel like one of the missile launcher space ships in that classic Atari arcade game “Asteroid” from many years ago. The score was commensurate with the number of things you shot out of the sky before they demolished you.You frantically spun the missile launching ship left or right as you hit the thrusters in one way or another in search of, or in avoidance of an asteroid.

What a great model for parenthood huh?

I have been that little launcher for about five years now.


My recent direct hits, as in I nailed it are listed here:

My family is many things, but really this tops them all! We had the privilege of being the Family of the Week over at Mixed and Happy! To see the piece in its entirety please click here.

Ninety minutes on the horn with the incredible Tara Kim of Adoption Mosaic in Portland, Oregon. We connected many months ago when she found me through my Crazy Hair Day, and Black Enough poems that appeared in Hip Mama Magazine. A girlfriend of hers brought her the magazine suggesting she read the poems. That story in itself makes my day over and over again. (Picturing my poem under a ring from a cup of espresso in a little cafe across the country!) Since then we have shared emails, praise and visions for all sorts of conversations and next steps. I’m not able to reveal much more yet, but suffice it to say the promise of something bigger is in the works!

The good people at Parenting Magazine read my Mom’s Congress post, and conference reflection,  and called me to have a debrief session in real-time, over the phone. I was duly impressed when Catherine McManus, Director of Brand Communications and Partnerships arranged our call. After forty-five thoughtful minutes of dialogue I offered her my services in New York City this summer as a consultant in the “what’s next” arena. She was very interested not only in my cool feedback, but in my offer to make it more meaningful next time. That I was heard, and she was responsive spoke volumes to me for the integrity of their mission.

Today, I completed a nine month “Professional Learning Cohort” group trial run through my district. Learned a ton, and built some meaningful and reflective friendships along the way.

Signed Sammy up for a week long soccer camp for the summer and invited the coach and his family, Jamaican born transplants over twenty-five years ago, to dinner.  He and I shared life stories, and mutual admiration while praising  Sam’s innate ability. We are both intrigued by each other. My community grows!

Time to engage my thrusters of satisfaction and go to bed. What asteroids have you hit recently?

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