You read it here first! Mama C is on it!

You read it here first;

Over at Moms of Hue you’ll find my tribute to the magnificent Edwige, who many of you know as “Our Eddie” in honor of her first day as a college graduate; Honored to watch her capture the world starts like this:

Edwige Charlot didn’t just graduate from college today. She soared. She won more awards than any other student in that auditorium. She was elected by her peers to be the class speaker. She was given a year long scholarship to the Peregrine Press, which has a wait list years long, and will probably be one of the few, and definitely the youngest artist of color, to grace their printing presses with her evocative etchings, and vibrant woodcuts. As I sat in the audience in the middle of a row of her fifteen Haitian family members, looking at her seated on stage, with Sam on my left and Marcel in my lap, I thought to myself, something is right in the world.

Skip on over to Fertile Source to see my never before published (dare I say) chapter about meeting Sam’s birth mom at the hospital that begins like this:

After traveling half way across the country in three snowstorms, for over thirty-six hours, I have finally arrived here-outside of this little North Carolina hospital room at 4:30 in the morning. Down the hall I hear two nurses mumbling, and the sound of generic holiday music coming from somewhere. The smell of last night’s blanched peas and meatloaf, mixed with ammonia lingers in the air.

I knock on the door.

I am a thirty-eight year old woman, standing on the threshold of the most important introduction I will ever make. I wait to hear the voice of the twenty-four year old woman who is about to offer me her child to call my own.

Unless she has changed her mind.

But wait there’s more! My last Adoptive Families piece on what happens when a white adoptive mama walks into a black barbershop with her three year old son and then some starts like this:

Sam’s hair is close-cut and precisely edged. Looking at it from any angle, you can see that this child’s mother knows how to care for his hair. This has not always been the case.

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