Like your Mama? Now you can!

I made a little social media leap tonight in hopes of streamlining how I communicate with some of y’all.

Gulp. I set up a “fan page” on Facebook. I think of this a bit as the separation of church and state. It is also wildly premature as I don’t have a book out yet, but this might inspire me to get that proposal polished up sooner rather than later. If you visit it, remember to click the “like” button to be added to the list of people I can easily connect with that way. Thank you!

This will allow me to use that venue for writerly/mixed family/adoption/transracial/single parent discussions , blog announcements, publishing updates, and content suggestions with a broader audience. I’d love to “meet” some of you there if you’re so inclined.

This was one of the suggestions that I came away with at the media portion of the congress!

If you are a facebooker, just do a search for Mama C and the Boys, or you can click here. Leave a comment, a suggestion, a question, or just go peek at what it looks like, and then make one for yourself!

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