Sam’s first at bat-Mama’s foul!

I have the next forty or so years to gush about this kid.

But, really it all started last night.

His very first official TEAM sport. He’s been acting like he was invited up to the majors for the last three days.


Coach was great, the other kids were just as funny, eager, and sweet about all of it.

Sam was attentive, willing, focused, polite, gracious and in his body.

Best line-after one of his activities  I yelled out, encouragingly “Good listening Sam, now wait for the Coach.”

He turns around, looks at me sitting in the grass with Marcel, and the other parents and yells back; “Mom are you coaching too?”

Laughter all around.

Insert sound of Mama C’s remote control helicopter parenting crashing gently in the grass behind her.


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