Seriously Mom-One Liners from the Boys

In the car on the way to get an ice cream to celebrate all things good, Marcel says;

Mom I am so serious about this ice cream.

While eating the ice cream he proclaims;

This is very serious ice cream Sammy. Don’t be silly about it!


Trying to rearrange his disheveled sheets, Sam says;

This is really difficult up here.

I respond; Difficult is a tremendous word to describe that Sam.

To wit to woo, Sam replies; Tremendous is a fine word too.


At the end of my rope with the endless requests (more milk, yogurt, playtime, that toy over there we never play with..) before bedtime I say in a loud and clear tone; The next request is not only not going to be granted but it will result in the loss of a story!! (Can I do that?)

Sam’s quickness here startles me; “Mom, can I please have some more loving?”


Marcel, sitting quietly in the living room surrounded by blocks in some kind of formation;

Mom, I can’t handle it.

Can’t handle what Marcel?

Can’t handle going to the moon without you.


  1. I love these! Wit, wisdom, imagination, silliness & poetry all bundled up into one-liners. 🙂 Kids are amazing.

  2. theses spur of the moment on liners, maybe more than anything else ground me into who they are, and who they are becoming. thank you everyone for sharing your joy here too! that’s why I record them here!

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