Ring Bearers and Milk Sprayers

I went shopping with the boys tonight.

In search of a little quality Mama C and the Boys time, we set out.

First to look for shirts and cowboys boots for the wedding.

Not mine.  (Maybe one day.) Our dear friend Weezie’s wedding at the end of May.

The boys are going to be the ring bearers.

Weezie’s colors are pink and orange. The wedding is going to be a hoe down.

So I am charged with finding shirts that will go with her colors, and look nice with cowboy boots, hat, and a bolero.

What you see is from the dressing room at Old Navy.

What you are not seeing is Marcel spraying milk all over the table at the family restaurant after the shirt trying exercise.

Who would trust that child with a ring?


  1. ::Sigh:: So, perhaps it is because my children are older and my son at 18 is still not trustworthy with a ring, a laptop, an MP3 player, office furniture…you get the point, but these two wee ones look SO cute that I’d be willing to try anyway!

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