Sheets of Hue-and Jewelry Too!

In my next life I’ll have a separate blog devoted to all the things I think other people can’t live without. But until then, we have Fridays. In the past I have introduced you to a blog, or two that deserves the Mama C nod. In this case, I’m talking textiles. Tamia, contacted me after reading one of my Moms of Hue posts to tell me about her unique creations. That in itself made an impression on me, so I checked the link, loved the product, and reached out to her. Tell me about you, and why you are doing this, and Mama C will open up her showroom doors is how I put it. And she did.

Here is her  story;

A few months ago I was looking for fabric to make my three year old a blanket, I wanted it to have little kids who looked like her and to be bright and happy. I searched everywhere and came up with nothing, finally I decided to use my graphic design skills and create my own fabric line. The blanket came out great, and she truly loved seeing kids who looked like her. My daughter is from Haiti and when we become a bi-racial family I became acutely aware that there is a real lack of products on the market that represent families that look like mine, and for that matter any families that represent the modern American family. Two moms, two papas, single parents, single adoptive parents, adoptive families, bi and tri racial families. I graduated with a B.A. in graphic design and culture studies, my thesis was on how design and art can positively influence culture, with this line I hope that in a tiny way I can make a positive difference and offer support to families like mine.

Hand to Hand Textile and Surface Design  or Manoallmano can be found here.

And while you are there, I would love to suggest you pick up a pair of earring or a necklace for yourself, hand crafted by a single mother of a mixed  family friend of mine with an eye like I’ve never seen for the balance of beauty and strength in metal.  Find Kriya Davis Jewelry here.

Walk on down the Etsy hall to find the incredible Pretty in Peace Spring Collection by another fantastic artisan and mom of hue who I know through my writing life. She describes her mission here;

I am a native New Yorker currently residing in serene Goodyear Arizona with my husband of 17 years, two awesome little people and 5 fabulous furbabies. Pretty in Peace designs is a multifaceted venture as it allows me to sit pretty while loving and homeschooling the young ones and, it feeds my inert need to deliver a message of peace and ecological awareness. For lack of a description more befitting, Pretty in Peace jewelry designs are the “anti-bling”. In a society that justifies malevolence against living things indiscriminately in the name of fashion and status, I saw a need. A need, to provide an alternative for the conscious and provide hope for the innocent. No animal products or ‘by-products’ are ever utilized in my designs, this includes; all leathers, silk, pearls, bones and coral. Imported precious metals are carefully selected from vendors who support fair trade artisans. Whenever possible, post consumer recycled packaging is used for shipping.

To find more from Pretty in Peace click here.

So much fun to share the wares, and the love with you all. I am a firm believer in using my limited economic resources to support those whose products are also doing the work as it were. I have not been given any free goods, or tickets to baseball games in exchange for these glowing endorsements. Enjoy! If you know of other artisans of hue, or single mothers, or adoption or mixed friendly folks giving it their all to get something important out into the world, let me know, or shout them out yourself.


  1. Yes! I am in LOVE with these textiles! Mixed and Happy has also been in touch with Tamia and we may have a little surprise for our followers in the near future… (elbow elbow, wink wink) 😛

    • Laryssa-thanks for saying so! It is helpful for me to know if people find this post useful, and honestly something people hadn’t seen before. It is definitely new to me!

  2. Thank you SO much! I love love love the fabric, and am working on forging the kind of love I have for fabric with my sewing acumen! One day, I’ll be a seamstress of hue, I just know it. Thanks, again.

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