Beautiful Blog Love-Pass it On.

I found out that we  had a ticket to go see Obama, the same day that I was awarded this generous and lovely prize from a new found inspirational Mama across the country, Miss Bar B.  Miss Bar B and I became acquainted first through Moms of Hue,  and have since found some sweet sisterly mutual respect and admiration across the ether through comments and emails.

She invites her reader into her life in such an intimate and trusting way. You feel as if you are curled up on her soft sofa with one of her hand made blankets warming your heart with her words.  Then when you are all cozy, feeling like part of the family, she stirs you up, bringing you to a demonstration on campus, or listening to her tell you what’s what about something of import to her or the world. I find particular comfort in her stories of raising her daughter, and how the two of them take on the day to day,  with dynamic love and determination. Please check her blog, A Place of Comfort here.

My Beautiful Blog Awards

Now, in the spirit of sharing the strength and the love, I would like to bring your attention to more blogging beauty near and far to Mama C.  As Miss Bar B says, all of my blogging connections are beautiful bloggers who I draw strength and comfort from in different ways.  These three just happen move me to call more attention them to today.

Which Printer: A prolific printer, crazy daring and awe inspiring chef, design diva, and Haiti advocate who is also Haitian,  our former live in surrogate big sister/daughter/mother/guardian angel is this beautiful blog’s brilliant and generous creator extraordinaire. With less than four weeks left of her college career, you are being invited in at a pinnacle moment in her life where she turns the point into the next era. When she is hosting her own celebrity cooking show, or opening at the MOMA, you can say you followed her when!

Digging Up My Past An adult adoptees journey to discovering her past, what she finds out along the way about herself in the now and the then. Her writing style is evocative, descriptive, and inviting. Her story is mesmerizing. And now that she has this award, maybe we’ll get her back to the keyboard. Plenty to read for the first time viewer until then. I have known that Blinn Girl for over twenty years, but felt closer to her reading this blog, then at any time previous to it. Gems dripping from these posts.

Annie Sibley O'Brien

Coloring Between the Lines I have introduced this blog to you before, but it just doesn’t get better than this when it comes to talking about race, privlege, adoption, and children’s literature for starters.  Annie has been doing all of this work for over thirty years, and yet she has the modesty and humiliation of someone new to the dialogue. Here is an excerpt from her latest post on Privlege and Pain Avoidance:

Race was an often daily topic in our family. I’d had fifteen years of anti-racism education by the time Yunhee came home, not to mention growing up in Korea as a highly visible person of racial difference, so I was certainly comfortable addressing the topic. But I remember on so many occasions, when Yunhee expressed intense emotion about the subject (often as the result of a comment by a classmate), and even as I might be giving her my full, sympathetic attention, I was aware of a little voice in my head asking, “Can it really be that bad?”

Annie has at least twenty years of awards and recognitions for her books, illustrations, performances and advocacy work. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate the love this new found long term fan would like to bestow!  She takes the ugly out of the hard work, and makes the reader feel their own inner beauty for showing up to the conversations.

To all of my Beautiful Bloggers I salute and applaud you for the truths you are seeking, uncovering, creating, and holding. Now, I challenge you to post your award, and find as many “Beautiful Bloggers” as you see fit to award in turn!


  1. Awww. So very sweet. I am so happy to have connected with you Mama C. Shoot, you inspire me as a single mama with TWO little ones. Those sound like some amazing blogs that you’ve awarded. I’ll have to visit!

  2. Thank you, thank you, Catherine.

    As usual, I’m struck by the substance and meaning you transmit with the words you choose. I will hold taking “the ugly out of the hard work” as a mantra. I aim to make it irresistible to do the work that will liberate all of us from “White Mind.”

    You are a constant source of inspiration and strength and sustenance, like water.

    Yeah, these mutual admiration things are great.

    xo Annie

  3. Congrats to you on your award and thank you for letting us know about these other great blogs. I applaud you and all who hold the banners for their causes.

  4. Awwww! Thanks so much Cat! I don’t think I would have ever gotten so much of my story out without your love and support! Your work is such an inspiration to me!

  5. And Ms. Blinn, Annie and Edwige–I forgot to mention (OOPS!!) that you are now invited to “grab” this award, post it on your blog, and nominate some Beautiful Bloggers of your own! Link back here, if you feel so inclined, or not. It’s all up to you. No pressure. Just enjoy the fame and the gratitude!

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