Happy National Single Parent’s Day

Coming into it a little late.  But, since everyday is single parent’s day to most, feel free to celebrate it all week, month, year long.

I first learned about this auspicious day at  Single Mama NYC and that is also where you’ll find some suggestions for celebrating too.  I did yoga this morning, while surrounded by a room of married women, and a bride to be at a bridal shower surprise gathering. The irony of it being National Single Parent’s Day was something I kept to myself. The fact that this day was introduced into the lexicon of excuses to buy yourself a gift, or support the greeting card industry by Ronald Reagan is something I can’t keep to myself.

My children have been borderline angelic today. That’s enough celebration for me.

Stop by tomorrow when I’ll be unveiling my interview with my Open Adoption Blogger Interview Partner. Time to make dinner in celebration of my status as a National Single Parent!


  1. Happy Single Parent’s day! That Ronald Reagan thing does sour it… but take it. You deserve it. I wish I had known – well, its not too late to give the Mom a call.

  2. Darn! I missed it. Luckily, like you said, there is always plenty of time and opportunities to celebrate and be celebrated. Glad to read that you took a little time out for yourself… in a way, I guess I did too today by treating myself to some goodies for my hair.

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