Proposal is such a loaded word.

I have never been proposed to, formally. Well there was my high school sweetie. AHHH. (Time warp.)

This weekend I am going to wrestle with a nonfiction book proposal.   I am hauling off to a friend’s house with no internet or children for twenty four hours. I have a lot of prep to do before that. I am not so good at the prep part. I rarely strecth before running.

I’ll be back on Sunday to report out on what happens. I see me as the one down on one knee. And my darling draft, in whatever form she chooses to take on a given day, as the coy creature awaiting my proposal to marry her to the publishing world in all her glory! What I am doing this weekend–is the ring! (Let the metaphor go Mama C…)

I feel like I need to birth the first book, because I am already writing the second one in my other head. And, having two heads is way to much work for one neck.

I have three guest posts that I have been invited to write in the last couple of weeks.  I am also designing a proposal for a workshop that I would like to offer to preschool parents/parents of young kids around the “How not to raise racist kids” platform.  All of this work is interconnected which feels hugely gratifying and intentional. I see so much need for the work I am called to do, and more and more links are appearing on how to make that happen. They are little links, in a long process. The best advice I have received comes from Sam’s namesake; “Don’t think about what you don’t want to do. Put your energy into asking the question; ‘What is it that I want to be doing.’ Then you will gravitate towards making shifts in what you are doing to accommodate what you want to be doing.”  OK she said it much better, but I love the idea. It is working over here.

To finding the permission to let yourself do what you want to be doing, and proposing it to the universe. She won’t say no!


  1. FYI, I would totally marry your book lol. In fact, the first thing I did when I found your site was look for a book to buy. You have such a rich experience and eloquent way of articulating it. In fact, all of your ideas sound amazing and it is clear you have your ear to something bigger than yourself… and you are listening. Good luck and again, enjoy your mini-vacay. I can’t wait to read the update! All the best.

    • You just MADE my DAY! Thank you! Will you endorse it on the back cover?!? Today I was told by a psychiatrist who specializes in adoption that if all parents were as evolved as me etc she would be out of job! WOW! Thank you for your KIND words.

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