I took this on a glorious stroller/bike/back pack grocery store adventure this morning. We pass by the scrap metal yard if we go the back way. I have always had a profound love of industrial materials in repetition. I also have a thing for the old fashion water towers that used to be common place in New York City, my former home.

Not only am I very proud of this picture aesthetically, and how it fits into my semi color scheme without any manipulation, but I am also pleased with this as a metaphor. As a metaphor for my life at the moment. Chaos with consistency isn’t it?

Edges. Exposed edges.

When I stopped to take the picture Marcel asked; ” Why are you taking a picture of garbage Mommy?”
Sammy says; “Marcel this is one of Mom’s favorite places to look at. It’s nicer than the garbage at our house.”

The car died yesterday.  It was towed to the garage. Before that, I came within a hair of cutting off my index finger while sawing down a freshly formed bow and arrow with a dull kitchen knife for Sam.  The very fine and funny fellow that I was certain things were looking hopeful with sent me the nicest “Dear John” email imaginable.  I’m all edges, and oddly feeling steady on. I love this about me today.

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