Friday’s New Friends to Follow

Milk shakes and popcorn with protein powder for dinner. You catch my drift? I’m spent. Blurry. Toast. So, I’m handing over the keys to three relatively new friends (two in real time and space to me), with relatively new blogs who all share something in common with at least one if not more of the reasons you stop by Mama C. Be one of the first on the ether to stop on by, share an encouraging and thought provoking word, and let them know you’re out there!

Three sites I’d love to hip my readers to:

1. Coloring Between the Lines Reflections on Race, Culture and Children’s Books. By Annie Sibley O’Brien an adoptive parent, and a very prolific, in tune, dynamic and successful children’s book author/illustrator. She is also a co-mentor of sorts. We co-inspire she says. To me having a woman who has walked so much of the ground that I am stumbling over with such grace and care ahead of me is unbelievably helpful and encouraging.

2. Laura Writes In her own words; “I am a Jewish woman, writer, mother, daughter, sister, friend and partner of a woman who has been my partner for 20 + years.  Our daughter came to us by adoption as a newborn (12 days old) and made us (and both of our families of origin) a mixed race family.  I love young people, writing, reading and dialogue to name a few things.” In my words, her writing is insightful, honest, appealing, and revealing. These are some of my most sought after traits in the writers I gravitate towards.

3. Cathy Kidman Cancer and comedy? You read that right. Now go check her out. She is also a new friend, and co-crusader on the path to following your writing bliss because you have something vitally important, and entertaining  to say.  Her blog is brand spanking new, but her voice is that of a seasoned soul!


  1. Whoa, when you reach out, you really reach out. I am honored. And so glad to read your work and do this work alongside you. And the other two women whose work you have highlighted. With love, Laura

  2. Thanks, Catherine, for this vote of confidence, and for enlarging all our worlds. It’s like you’re throwing a party and inviting us all – bloggers, readers, people trying to name the truth of being human – to get to know each other.


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