What I can tell you is…

photo by Gabriella Antosova

Old friends, and accidental peepers alike have put the net in my internet. I have so much gratitude for my readership here.


  1. Big hugs and much love my cosmic sister, it’s been an interesting week over here as well. I understand your ambivalence, but trust your gut. When you find your voice, my ear is here, and if you don’t-or rather won’t, I understand. I hope you continue to feel better!

  2. t and Sage–Thank you both. I love the term “cosmic sister”! I am fine honestly. I am working out something on so many layers. I do not have control of so many of the layers. The post was trying to REVEAL how much I rely on the blog as confessor, conspirator, advocate, ear, confidant…etc. And when I can’t use “her” for that it is so noticeable to me now. It is a wild realization. I feel the support from you both, and others. And that always helps. I am sending it back to you!

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