Outrageous (Laughter)

“No Sam. You can’t have more cake. You just asked for some ice cream by itself.”

“Uncle, I just don’t get you sometimes.”


“Sam, that’s probably a good thing.”

“Uncle, I think we should just change the subject and talk about something else. Like the people we love in our lives.”



“Marcel, can you turn that into a request instead of a demand?”

“Sure. (pause) Can I need milk now PUH-LEASE DARLING BEAUTIFUL MOM?”


“Does Marcel have a daddy?”

“That is a good question.”

“No, mom don’t start it that way. That means I have to wait a long time and I will stop hearing the answer then.”


“Mom look out there is a peacock coming out of your nose!”

“Oh no!” (grabbing my nose while laughing with Marcel.)

No! That is not what you say MOM. You are supposed to say; So there is a peacock coming out of my nose!


“Mom, I like it better when you have your about to smile and say something I like it when you say face.”

“Do I dare ask what the other face is Sam?”

“Your I am about to yell and not be happy with your bad choice face. Duh mom.”


  1. Laughing OUT LOUD! (remember when we used to write these words out?)
    Then I read it to O.B. and he laughed out loud, too.

    What would we do without our children?!
    🙂 Annie

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