On Celebrating Well

On March 1st I celebrate my birth. This is my actual birthday cake, drenched digitally. Thanks Mary!

So when she called, I thanked my mom for carrying me for nine months.

She said she didn’t know what to say to that.

An adoptive parent informed moment: seeing birth as gratitude for the carrying too.


This year  I set low expectations for the actual day. I didn’t tell people at work, or plan a big dinner. So when a card appeared, and a text message landed I was touched, instead of thinking, well it’s about time! Of course facebook promotes so well without my introvert hiding in an extrovert’s persona needing to do it myself.

Uncle hammered it. Kind-of-co-parenting-with-a-sibling could be a blog on it’s own. He took the boys to the Macy’s by bus over the weekend. I have the hippest pair of short hair enhancing hoops evuh. The boys were thrilled at Mommy’s joy.

And for all you single mama’s out there-this brilliant idea is for you-instead of having a birthday dinner where all your friends rally to take you out for one night that goes by way too fast when you don’t get out much-invite everyone to come to youone night at a time! I put the email out there-asking for everyone who was willing and able-to pick a night in March to come over with a meal. I get a dinner free planning night-which allows for some extra afternoon time for the park, or the power jog with the double wide, and the promise of adult company and connection all month. This began with Tia and Indian food brought in last night. Our friend Mary brought the cake, and another menu was hand delivered from one gourmet friend, and a supermarket gift card arrived from another. Four more nights have been scheduled. I leaned heavy on the Mondays work well for me line!


And this is the icing folks. In a few weeks I have schedule with the help of several, twenty four hours of writer mama alone time. The goal: complete the draft of the book proposal in that time. I have twenty-four hour babysitting coverage and a house on an island to write. OK, so it is only eighteen minutes by ferry, and essentially a suburb of where I live, but how romantic does that sound?  I’ll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Happy Birthday, hun! 24 hours of writer mama alone time sounds magical! Sounds like you are gearing yourself up for a personal renaissance. I hope you ooze with inspiration.

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