Turning the Grey hairs to Gold?

It happens often around my birthday.

I doubt everything.

I want to switch careers, move, reinvent.

I want it all to be easier.

I want more connections with like-minded friends and families.

I want more time to connect with the ones I have.

I want to live where it is warm, and where the people look more like us.

I ask myself how many more career moves, physical moves, life moves can I make with clarity and intent.

My horoscope said today was going to be one of the best days of my life in the next seven years.

Uncle took the boys to breakfast, so I could for a run. I walked most of it.  I cried at the end.

I went grocery shopping, and made the boys lunch. I worked on a little free-lance assignment, and am about to do the laundry. Aside from buying a lottery ticket, how can I position myself so that greatest day in seven years can find me? I thought to myself while maniacally scrubbing up dark gray gunk from the floor and listening to the boys bicker.

Make one very important decision today, and put it into action. Then, in the next seven years I can look back on February 27th, 2010 and say; That was the day when all of this good began.

Or find a different astrologer.


  1. I say every day can present the possible best days of your life…. why wait seven years when it could be tomorrow…… I love you and all your colors!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mama C. So glad I have you, virtually speaking, in my life. Hope we will meet and talk writing, boys and girls, black and brown, being white mothers of those boys and girl, and many other things. Sometime soon. Happy, happy. With love from Laura– near your hometown.

  3. I think I have one day a week when all of these thoughts present themselves if only for a fleeting moment. I’ve convinced myself that wanting more, easy, and different is proof of my existence-that all of this is really happening, because some days I just can’t tell.

    I hope tomorrow’s horoscope promises the best day in 6 years 364 days and it forever reads the same way, minus a day! Best wishes !

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