Breakfast of Finicky Champions

Marcel is very concerned about the well being of all of his friends in the morning.

He won’t eat until everyone is sitting at the table ready to dine with his royal curliness.

This was fine until he discovered that lamb didn’t like Cheerios, and Baby Dexter would only eat frozen raspberries.

Although I appreciate his realization that some people like some things, while others like other things…

My finicky threshold has already been met!

If you relate to  this scene and want to read about one somewhat like it you will enjoy; Please Baby Please By Spike Lee, Tanya Lee Lewis and illustrated by Mr. draws the most beautiful babies and everyone else too Kadir Nelson.


  1. Marcel is so adorable with his little crew! My son LOVES “Please Baby Please”. In fact, when he is refusing to do something – like eating his veggies – I say, “Please eat your peas, baby please, baby please.” He usually giggles and sometimes even complies lol.

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