What Miss American and I Have In Common

For starters, I too have very long, and graceful fingers, just like Caressa Cameron.

The physical comparisons pretty much stop there.

We both share a home state (Virginia).

We have the same number of syllables in our names.

She won, Miss Arlington, before she won Miss Virgina. And, although I don’t think I ever even pretended to be in a beauty pageant as a girl growing up in Arlington, it could have happened.

She believes kids would be better off learning to play stick ball outside, then sitting indoors all day.

I can defend the importance of the competition because she won. Just like I can defend Disney because of Princess Tatiana whom I believe Caressa could easily play in the Broadway version, when it goes Broadway.

Now when the boys say; Mom do you look Miss America? I can say, not exactly and mean it. Unless we are talking about the length of my fingers.

We both go by the title of Miss when out in public.

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