Making a Button for Moms of Hue

Thanks to Uncle-a button is born. Well almost. Now I have to figure out how to actually link it here and there, and put the code over there, and the thing under there, and spit on the back, and tah-dah! (A button is something one blogger can add to their blog to direct readers to other blogs, or to show their connection with that blog.) The learning curve on all things blog related over here at the new home is HIGH folks.

But the button itself came about because Moms of Hue asked me for it. As in, my first post will appear there as early as today!  I completely froze myself up trying to craft the be all and end all introductory post for this, their first white, as in non hue mother who will appear there shortly. What an honor and a leap of faith on their part to include my voice in the mother mix at MOH. I have received overwhelming support and encouragement from the site’s creators,  Kristina Daniele and Renee Ross.

I take the invitation seriously, and am hopeful that my words might amoung other things encourage other mothers lurking out their on the periphery for whatever reason, to jump in and join the conversation.  This feels like a significant test to my confidence in a way that feels necessary, and well timed.  I welcome the moment, and fear it too.


  1. I had to create a button when I became a MOH writer too! It’s the worst part of the initiation process, I promise. I understand your ambivalence, and think you’ll find it a rewarding experience as the posts, topics and days go on. I for one am looking forward to hearing more of your experiences and perspective, as the married Black mother of bi-racial children, as a fellow writer and member of the last minute button creators crew. 😀 Welcome, again.

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