Hip Mama’s Hip Cover Child

Marcel is claiming some fame for himself.

My first (evil) thought: this is the invitation to his high school graduation party.

Order the magazine here, and 10% goes to Haiti.

I have written for this, my favorite magazine of all time, a few times before which is how the connection and the request came about.


Tonight we went to share a meal with Eddie, and to celebrate Friday, and cover children, and my invitation to write for Mom’s of Hue (more details to follow) and my new post at Adoption Mosaic’s blog in the near future.  The best part was not the amazing pizza, or the woman who offered me a writing studio at a very reasonable price, or the fact that my children actually sat down and ate in a respectable joint that did not have a television set, a play table or a childrens menu or anything called “fast food.”

The best part was when Sam said after dinner; “Mom that was so fun. I love Eddie so much, and I really like having time with you and my brother. We are a great family. And, now we get to see Uncle. That is too cool isn’t it mom?”

Marcel screamed; “I really, really, really love everybody too!”


  1. Marcel is too cute and Sam would have made me cry with joy. I’d like a copy. Going to have to have you guest blog at Color Online, too.

    You rock, C.

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