Tuesday’s Teacher(s)


My coach watched my failed attempts and asked; “Do you want me to show you what you are doing wrong?”

“Well of course!” I said with a little frustration.

So he did; “This is how Eddie taught me,” he added with emphasis. Apparently it is in the initial twirl, and the circumference of the hip movements.

So, now I can hula hoop, thanks to my five year old instructor’s fine tutelage.


I’d like to call your attention to Color Online her sister site Black Eyed Susan for several discussions of import. There is one on the Sunday Salon (Color Online-scroll down-I left the link up to the home page intentionally) that has been cycling over and over in my way-to-interneted brain, and  one on the publishing practice of whitewashing that has me hula-hooping upstairs and you will too.  Whitewashing had to be explained to me-in Black Eyed Susan’s words;

Whitewashing is the practice of putting a white character on the cover when the actual main character is a person of color. The idea is that majority readers will not buy a book with a POC on the cover.

I am thinking of having this be a weekly thing. A what I have learned from my kids, my readers, my links to the outside world round up of sorts. I like the idea of organizing the blog around days and what not. I just like organization in case you hadn’t noticed.

Uncle is dropping the boys to school this morning so I can get to work early and grade papers. My neighbors were up at five to unplug the mess the snow plow left in our driveway. Tuesday’s teachers and Tuesdays saviors more like!

I am going to check in with my students about their understanding of all things Haiti, and get their reaction to the read-a-thon idea.

To hearing more news of positive recovery in Haiti every day.

Who are your Tuesday teachers? Share it here. Would love to hear.


  1. FUNNY.
    (Love that he calls himself “first son”—and that you are open with him about his birth mom. Simply beautiful.)

  2. Oh wait! That comment was meant for the adorable post about “First son” and “Second mom.” Sorry!
    But it’s also pretty cute that your 5-year-old taught you how to hula hoop!

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