In with the Old, and the New

Great feedback from DB who called me to say; “I love the new blog format. I feel the shift. It feels writerly.. ” I could hear hesitation in her voice.  When I pressed her about what it was that might be missing she nailed it; “Cat, (a nick name I go by) I turn to your blog for all the things it is now… but what I am drawn to is the vulnerability you are willing to share here again and again.” Or something like that.

I immediately knew what she meant. I feel like this blog is symbolic of a shift I see in how I perceive my writer self, but it is not meant to exclude my writing self! The form can hold it all, if I can.

So to my followers who may be wondering if the Queen doesn’t realize her clothes are invisible, I see it too.

To vulnerability and the voice that shares it all.

And to acknowledging that there is a place for all of this and more. If I am holding Haiti, Eddie, MLK day, my family, my parenting face plants (wait until I find the words for last night’s melt down with Sam) and more, I can say to you that I am having a hard time with it all too.

Now to back away and get outside with my little hearts who have seen the skateboarding video enough for a lifetime.

Thank you DB. Other comments welcome always!

PS-Is this font any better? I miss the old Blogger font choices too.

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