Edwidge Danticat Reads Her Haiti Stories (You Tube)

Thank you to fellow She Writes (SW) writer Sayantani DasGupta for sharing this video link with the SW family. It brought Eddie’s mother back into my kitchen, hearing the lyrical French in the introduction alone.

It felt like an important way to help all of us connect with the strength and life force of Haiti.

UPDATE: For updates on our Eddie’s family, and ways to help please see the post below. Thank you. Donate here.

Resources:  I was inspired by the above, and went to check out a Danticat novel at the library. I also found a handful of children’s books on Haiti. Both fiction (see resource tab for suggestions) and non fiction.  Sam wanted to know more about it. We both learned a lot. Including that James Audabon was born there, a Haitian was the first settler of Chicago, and that they fought in the American Revolution.

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