A Mini Mama C Race Retrospective in honor of MLK

Color by Sam

With Dr. King Day moments away I thought I’d see where I was in my thinking a year ago, on some things race related.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was as drenched in it then, as I am now.

I think you might even see some evidence of growth in what was previously most often voiced as frustration, seems to be reported out now more often in terms of contemplation leading to action.

I took a big leap on my blog last year sharing my thoughts on the matter in a post called Reflections on a Legacy which you can find here.

And a moment I’ll never forget: watching the inauguration with Sammy on my lap at the school where I teach surrounded by my students.

One of my favorite pieces on the subject that came out of my writing workshop with Ariel Gore, called Tattoo about Sam’s birthmark, and the story within it.

On a lighter note-how Crazy Hair Day brings it all forward.

Walking into Sam’s daycare now, I have to say they receive the Mama C Award for Willingness to Do Something About It. The walls are now covered in images of children of all colors working and playing together. Every collection of dolls, or figurines has as many versions that look like my family as any family. Books like The Color of Us and Shades of People are  read over and over during the week.  The choice they make on a daily basis to enrich their curriculum is evident and exudes to all the families that walk in their that they believe all children are created equal.

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