A Haiti Relief Request from Our Edwige*

Update from Eddie: She has launched DearWorldHelpHaiti.com to consolidate help efforts and queries.

Dear World,

I wanted to take a moment to plea with you to help my family and the relief efforts in Haiti.

This tragedy has devastated my family and shocked the entire world. Please help.

My family in Haiti and so many others need water, food, shelter, and basic first aid.
Please forward this to anyone and everyone you know who would like to help.

Donate here.

Please $1 would make a difference.

Info on texting to help HAITI relief efforts.

Thank you,


l’union fait la force

*Edwige, our Eddie, is as many of you know our nanny-sister-daughter- mother, our rock star.  She can also be found here.

Hands On Diaster Relief

I have also been asked to let my readers know about the organization HODR and  the volunteer work they are doing in Haiti. They had over 400 volunteer inquiries yesterday. My friend Elizabeth who lives in NYC has volunteered with them in Haiti and has been asked to try to share their message in the ether.


And finally  for our adoptive children in particular who may be over hearing pieces of the Haiti story unfolding. A reminder that so many of our children have incorporated into their own birth story, (from fact not fiction in most cases) the idea that a tragedy, or extreme poverty factored into their adoption story or plan. So like all loss this story can trigger feelings of fear, anxiety and the like. I bring this up as a parent who sees this play itself out in many ways. It was Sam who asked so many questions last night about what is happening in Haiti that brought this to my attention.   Uncle and I were talking about the story carefully, I thought. Hours later Sam had many questions about families there, and the children.  Sam has a personal connection through Eddie which intensified his immediate connection. He asked if her mom was there and who was there. But the edges that were up for him were familiar in other ways too.

UPDATE from Eddie

Thank you from Eddie to all who have sent prayers, love and concern. Her family is continuing to hear news from various family members in Port Au Prince. Her mother shared one loss with Eddie, and the good news that her maternal grandparents, and great uncle have been contacted. The latter nearly escaping a falling building. Her family is in the process of relocating several cousins to an area about 75 miles from the capital called Fond de Blancs where many of her family members now live.  Relocating the rest of the family will be expensive, and I have asked Eddie if we can participate in fund raising efforts as her extended family. Her father’s parents have survived, but his family has suffered many losses.  Learn more here.

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