Reflections on a Successful Launch

Thank you to all who have stopped by to visit MCAB in our new home.

Over the last two days, this blog has had more than two hundred visits.

I have received kudos a plenty, and nary a soul asked Why?

As of last night I received two new offers to consider being a guest blogger. Details to follow.

I attribute the high volume to these factors:

-I invited my “audience” into the thought process, and invited help.

-I posted updates on the decision, and how the new site was coming along as I went.

-I had a little “count down” to launch, building momentum.

-I pre-released it on my MCABI (Mama C and the Boys, I) and then on FB.

-I used FB, Twitter, and SheWrites to spread the word.

-I had several guest appearances the week before, bringing lots of new traffic to the old blog, and thus the conversation.

-I was so into it. Everyone likes being on a winning team!

This gives me an itsy bitsy taste of the AMOUNT of WORK it will take to launch the book, when the book is ready. Or more importantly how CONSUMED I can get by the idea of a launch into the world.

Most enjoyable moment for me personally?  The spontaneous breakout session of Mama C and the Boys real time singing and dancing to  “Mama’s got a new dot com” loosely to the tune of Mama’s Got a Brand New Band.

Mama’s got a new dot com. Watch out world cause here she comes. Rocking her new home, and bringing it on. Mama’s got a new dot com.

This happened on several occasions. Having more space to play in makes everyone happy! Now to fill it with intention, and not to just grab all of the used furniture I find on the street during large item pick up week.

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