Mama C and the Boys-A Retrospective

This is a re-post from our first home, in case you are coming here from other destinations.

A best of-from the first edition. Impossible to pick my favorites. Good, the bad and the ugly? (Behavior or parenting or both?)

Besides, that is why I am writing the book. So you don’t have to scroll backwards in time to relive all your favorite Mama C mishaps.

This blog is my co-parent.
My witness.
My confessor.
My ally.

Building an audience has been like saying your are going to have a reunion and having new members of your extended family calling everyday to say; I’m there.

I’ll repost this post at the new home, to build my roots there.

I spent the day getting a crash course in html, font kits, cascading style sheets (makes it sound so pretty) and patience thanks to my brother. He is also the one who taught me how to drive stick shift twenty-five years ago. This was easier on both of us. Chain Bridge Road up hill at rush hour in the rain in Washington, D.C. The man personifies patience.

Mama C and the Boys First Edition-Posts Of Note

1. Buy Paper Plates-the essay that started it all. Action in the form of flying slippers and my perceived not so eventual demise. One mom, two kids. Oh dear. (First published in SMC quarterly, effectively launching my professional writing career.)

2. For Posterity’s Sake– I interview Sam. He tells you all you really need to know.

3. Living with an 18 year old. I decide to pull Sam from one daycare and back into another because he insisted. Blog as co-parent at end of day. Best part-listening to him turned out to be the right choice.

4. Divine. Convertible and sun glasses. Check it.

5. He’s Got the Whole World. The rewards of listening to Sam (for those of you who like happy endings!)

6. Ghost Story. On birth parent’s real and imagined. One of my favorites.

7-8-9. Rage and adoption and other light observations: Open Fist and You are not my real mom take one and two.

10. On a lighter side–some singing turkeys to close with.


  1. Love the new site; looks like it will fit your needs much better than the old one as you embark on a multitude of new opportunities and adventures! Thank you for sharing this experience with all of us–we’re better equipped to think about the world because of your perspectives.

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